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About the project

The project intends to take a fresh look at tourism considering interests of young people and violating common stereotypes . During the realisation of the project we will be learning the cultural variety of Europe in practice, which is indispensable in tourism.

All the participants in their home towns will prepare a school quesstiounarie  and street survey about the partner countries, after the visits the results of the survey and gained knowledge will be verified by students in their schools.  

The next step will be to work out tourist offers. The offer prepared by host country students(tour operator) during their classes (gography, history,information technology, tourist geography)  will be practically assessed by partner countries during the visits. All the comments and remarks will allow to modify the offer and, at the same time, adjust it to the young people’s needs.  It will take place during workshops summarising the visits.The meetings are supposed to reflect the so called STUDY TOUR. Therefore, they would focus on the following fields: active tourism, cultural heritage, cuisine tourism,  accommodation. While working on the project, the students will be responsible not only for preparing the offer but also for its realization in practice as the tour guides of the trips. All the participants will be concentrated on the goals and the tasks involved in the whole project and, as a result, they are supposed to make a documentary promoting the regions of the partner countries. What’s more, they will also prepare a final tourist offers adjusted to young people(website,brochure multilanguage dictionary)

Together they will try to work out a youth  tourist code listing the  rules which will help young people respect culture, traditions and religion of other countries.


The motivation is to give the chance to young people keen on tourism and foreign languages, to enable them to get to know other cultures, mentality, habits and places in Europe famous for their tourist attractions.  The project is really necessary for them as they hope to work for tourism industry in future and this job requires getting to know authentic background to be more persuasive in future.The project will make the students more interested in different types of tourism and some of the students will see a new proffession. besides it will encourage them to work in tourism.

The international contacts started while working on the project will give a lot of opportunities to combine the theory included in the curriculum with the practical knowledge. The apprenticeship at school do not give the chance to verify their skills as guides, as they are too short deprived of being authentic. they have no chance to experience other countries, have contacts with foreigners and everyday speech.The point is to enable the students to prepare a tourist offer, to learn about the countries and verify their skills and abilities as tour guides,  tour operators,  travel agents. Gained experience in the project will increase their chance to get a good job on  the tourist market in the future. We cannot imagine travel agents offering trips, speaking about countries and their traditions they have only read about.Their financial situation would never let them experience other countries.

It will also make the students communicate in English and will encourage them to learn other foreign languages.

For teachers, it will also be a great opportunity to compare the curriculums existing in other countries and introduce new ideas and methods to the curriculums. Gained experience and the contact with the language will increase their professional skills.

The project will also give the opportunities for students from poor backgrounds to go abroad to learn professional skills.

The participation in the project will help the students find themselves in new reality. We also expect to establish a European school net to exchange information on vocational education and trainin


  • Violating stereotypes in the local background
  • Studying  interests and needs of youth connected with tourism
  • Improving language skills including functional vocabulary-during guiding
  • Improving professional skills (making offers, brochures, tourist promotion of the region, the job of tour guide)
  • Appreciating the variety of European culture from the point of view of a tour guide and a travel agent
  • Developing computer skills-graphic software
  • Increasing  motivation for studying particularly tourist subjects and foreign languages
  • Increasing their self-esteem

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.