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Our school, the 1st General Lyceum of Trikala is  located in Trikala a nice city in central Greece very close to world known Meteora.

It has 280 students and gives  education , that mainly leads to  higher technological education or to the universities  Our students have  very good performance in courses and  the most of them   succeed  every  year in Universities and other institutes.



Our school aims at improving the students' general knowledge of languages with the participation in foreign projects; moreover this is the right occasion for the students to get in touch with other cultures, to confront different aspects and to make the local resources known on a foreign level.

In our school there are 3 courses which enable students to choose the most appropriate one which can satisfy their attitudes and interests.

The language course ERICA,  whose denomination has changed to "International marketing studies" as from the present year, is based on 3 foreign languages and subjects like art, economics and geography which will provide the students with skills and abilities so as to be able to deal with national and international business tasks in different working realities. The students in the fourth year also take part in summer job placement periods with local travel agencies or business companies.


Szkoła Organizacji i Zarządzania

School of Organization and Management is a secondary school located in Cieszyn. It’s a small town, set in the south of Poland, on the Polish-Czech boarder. Currently, we have 400 students and there are 32 teachers. Our school offers different after-class activities, such as: School Stock Exchange, European Club, Polish Red Cross, Drama Classes, School Travel Office and School Career Center. Our students take part in language competitions, European Union competitions, First Aid courses, etc. Our school is the only one in  Cieszyn Silesia to teach the organization of tourist service to young learners. 


Bundeshandelsakademie und Bunderhandelsschule Hallein

Our school, Bundeshandelsakademie Hallein, is a secondary business school in Hallein/Austria, focusing on international business, entrepreneurship and digital business.

We have 400 students between the ages of 15 and 19 years with a wide spectrum of students from different social, economic and national backgrounds.

Students  of the Bundeshandelsakademie Hallein have the possibility to experience pracital training with different offers like young enterprises (national) and enterprises without boarders (international), übungsfirmen, language competitions, European Union competitions, participation at innovation camps (organized by YE-JA and EU), European virtual business challenge, traineeships, businesstalks.


IES EI Espinillo

Opened in 1999, and located in the south of Madrid's city centre in a neighbourhood of the same name. This diverse area is growing in size, both in terms of buildings and population. Here you can find subsidised housing, cooperative based housing, as well as private company built housing. El Espinillo's population comes from a socially, culturally and economically diverse background, including university graduates, professional, civil servants, factory workers, salesmen, stall holders, pensioners and unemployed. It is also a multiracial community, with families from different ethnic groups and different nationalities. In our school students are aged between 12 and 18. The firs stage is compulsory (ESO) and the two last years are optional (Bachillerato).

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